18 Daily Deals!

  • by Lauren Burchill
18 Daily Deals!

Hey CJLA Girls! We wanted to make sure that you heard about the 18 amazing daily deals that are currently available. From some of our favorite jeans and basics to great classic tops and accessories, there really is a little bit of everything in the daily deals tab now. You can shop all of these pieces for 50% off until the daily deals sale ends at 11:59PM PST on Sunday June 7th. As always, don't hesitate to send us a DM on Instagram if you need help finding the perfect size!

1. CJ's Favorite Midi Dress on sale for $24.99

2. Fletcher Denim Jacket on sale for $39.99

3. Initial Necklace on sale for $19.99

4. CJ's Favorite Swing Tunic on sale for $19.99

5. Keller Jeans on sale for $34.99

6. Tucker Tee on sale for $11.99

7. CJ's Favorite Tank on sale for $14.99

8. Aviva Skirt on sale for $24.99

9. Benton Wool Hat on sale for $39.99

10. CJ's Favorite Scoop Tee on sale for $14.99

11. Sophia Lace Bralette on sale for $14.99

12. Elm Dress on sale for $29.99

13. CJ's Favorite V-Neck Long Sleeve on sale for $17.99

14. Hudson Jeans on sale for $34.99

15. Edie Scrunchie on sale for $3.99

16. Denver Jeans on sale for $34.99

17. Palmer Jacket on sale for $42.99

18. Gwen V-Neck Bralette on sale for $14.99

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