Taku and The Latest

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As Ford would say, we are loving baby "Taku" pronounced Ta-koo, like taco with a "u" =) And are loving being home and out of the NICU, enjoying each other and our new place!

It's been a whirlwind of weeks, months...ok, I think this whole year has been a whirlwind! Lots of life going on, lots of changes! We sold our house and actually moved. It really did happen!

 We are loving our new home and are so thankful to have found this super fun house. We are about 70% unpacked and settled in, with decorating to finish up and a few boxes left to unpack. Once I catch my breath and get an hour or two of sleep =) I can't wait to post all the fun design projects and decor stuff we've been doing here. Lots of fun DIY projects and re-purpose stuff! 

 Loving these boys, and enjoying my "dude fest" as Chad calls it =)


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