Happy Birthday Boys

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Since Hud and Ford's birthday's are so close, we decided to do a joint party. I knew it was going to be a busy season and time, and knew we'd have a full house of company here, but I wanted to do something for them. Those December birthdays can sometimes get a little passed over :/ and didn't want to do that.
hud and aunt mary
me and my snuggly Ford
We had a fun breakfast party with about 35 people. The morning was pretty cold but still nice for the kids to run around in the yard and for us all to sit outside. These days I've really had to try to not over do it . I can't quite pull off all I dream about doing and am learning to be ok with that. The kids don't really care anyways about a million little details, if you've got a meal and a yard, you've got a party :)
michelle and weston
Leiah, Claire and Sophia
melissa and cade
kacie enjoying her cupcake :)
hot wheels party favors :)
hudson and his lovely assistant 
hud enjoying a fun new toy

Fordy enjoying a delish cupcake :)

I think the boys really had a fun time. They loved having 4 of their grandparents here and lot's of uncles and an aunt here to celebrate with them. Most of their buddies were able to make it and they were excited to play with them! 
Thanks to the Brannon family who helped me prep, I appreciated all your help! And thanks to Jill for taking these pics, I wouldn't have had any pics if she wouldn't have grabbed my camera and shot these! 
We enjoyed a fun time, and were reminded of the Lords goodness to us blessing us with these awesome little boys. I love them so much and am so grateful to be their momma. Thankful for everyday of their lives,

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