6:45 Adventures

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The kids were done with baths, and we were getting them in their jammies. As I walked through the house I could see the most beautiful light out the back window...bedtime might just have to wait, I thought to myself. I had wanted to get some pics of Tucker for some 1st birthday invites and thought this might be the perfect time to do it.
I asked Chad if we could do a little impromptu change of bedtime plans. =)
I walked back in to the boys room as they were just about to get in bed to read some books and asked them if they wanted to go on an adventure instead of going to bed? They squealed and said they'd like to go on the adventure =)
I quickly threw them into regular clothes and we zipped up the road to a little hike spot up the street.
The spot was not as fabulous as I had imagined and the light was gone by the time we got there. They aren't any photographic masterpieces,  but at least we had a fun little adventure! Here's a couple of the pics...
enjoying the adventure,

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