Wild Shrimp Jambalaya


Ok, so you know something is really good when you've had it for lunch and dinner, 2 days in a row and miss it when it's all gone! I'm not a fan or leftovers for days, but Chad and I were quite sad to see this jambalaya go! I watched Amelia Durand and Ina Garten, make this on Barefoot Contessa one night, and of course had to go to the store the next morning to get the goods to make i!  This recipe does entail quite a lot of chopping and a bit of prep time, but it is worth the work.  It is a great dish for a large group, too.  It's an entire dinner all in one pot!  It is so fresh and flavorful, it will be a new staple in our house. I also love the way the shrimp go in at the very last step, they just steam in the rice, cooked to perfection.  Chad and I both said the shrimp tasted like lobster, it was perfectly moist and not over cooked.

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