Vegetarian Lunch, Dinner and Dessert...

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I got a request for some vegetarian recipes so here a few I've posted in the past and LOVE and a new one that is becoming staple around here! 1. I found this Raw Vegan Pate recipe and was shocked at how tasty and flavorful it was. I love this book Raw Foods on a Budget by Brandi Rollins that a friend lent me . It has been very fun to play around with totally raw recipes! If you can do grains, you can use it on a sandwich as a chicken or egg salad substitute, or if you're a stricter vegetarian or vegan can serve it with raw veggies and eat it more like a hearty dip! [yumprint-recipe id='24']2. This Giada soup recipe is so good and a favorite here. Just sub the chicken broth for vegetable broth! perfect rainy day dinner :) [yumprint-recipe id='25']3. Dairy free, grain free, vegan cookies, that might change your life. :) GF chocolate chip cookies. [yumprint-recipe id='26'] 

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