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Here's some sweet photos {emmaleigh} PHOTOGRAPHY took a couple of days after we came home. The past few weeks have been great. I may be a little sleepier than normal, but I'm having a blast with my boys! Ford is doing well and getting bigger everyday. Hudson is doing great and is a sweet big brother (except for trying to touch his eyes and feed him popcorn... we are working on that!). I am loving not being on bed rest ( whoohoo!), having fun cooking and working on some creative projects! Chad got me some fabulous cookware for my birthday ( I asked for it, he wasn't trying to hint anything :) I will have to post some new fun recipes! I am excited to be back and starting to find our new "normal" with having two little ones... quite different than having one! More posts coming...

Screenshot 2015-07-07 14.16.03 Screenshot 2015-07-07 14.16.11 Screenshot 2015-07-07 14.16.20 Screenshot 2015-07-07 14.16.23 Screenshot 2015-07-07 14.16.30 Screenshot 2015-07-07 14.16.35




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