Throwback: DIY Herb Bundles


We have a great "poultry" herb pot I picked up @ Armstrong Nursery a couple weeks ago. I had gathered a bunch of herbs to make my own and by the time I added them up, It was cheaper to buy the one already put together... that was a no brainer =).

So I took my assorted herb pot home and have been absolutely loving it! We use them all the time for, chicken, salsa (mmm, fresh cilantro), roasted veggies and even tossed into a salad!

But since I've been on bed rest, I haven't really been cooking much =( Here where these yummy herbs with no one to eat them! Also, I wanted to make sure the herbs were pinched back so that they would continue to grow!

So, I cut them back and bagged them in snack size ziplocks with labels. Then tied them with some raffia and threw on my trusty shipping tag, stamped with a little "merci"stamp. They made great little thank you's!

The herb bundles make a simple and super practical hostess gift or thank you. (I probably could have made 6 bundles of assorted herbs if I cut them all back) Also, I thought the mixed herb pot was a fun gift idea for someone who enjoys cooking! ( it was around $20.. not to bad considering a sprig of fresh rosemary or sage @ the grocery store is $2-3.00!) It would make a fabulous christmas gift tied with beautiful tag and bow with a couple recipes tied on (that included those particular herbs =) A specialty or boutique nursery is a great place to find these, they will probably have organic herbs too!



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