Our Weekend in Malibu

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What's more fun than riding around in a golf cart!? Especially with that background view!

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Malibu is full of secret spots, here's the crew at one of our favorites :)

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One of my favorite places on the whole wide world with my favorite people in the whole wide world!

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I forgot a swimsuit for this girl! Oops! So I ran down to BURRO in the mart and thankfully they had a ton of fun suits and so many amazing other things I had to have some self control to not buy! That little shop in AMAZING! 

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Malibu Farm is a must try, It's got the BEST restaurant view in Malibu, and the patio is phenomenal! 

Since So. Cal is a little slow on the REAL Fall weather, we snuck away to our family's little spot in Malibu for the weekend—a few weeks ago. There is no other place I love to spend the weekend at. It's so close, so beautiful and so much to explore and do. We love everything from a simple day at the beach, hiking the Malibu canyons, to playing the park and a yummy dinner at the Country Mart! Make sure to try out some of these fave spots! Enjoy!


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