No-Bake Protein Packed Chewy Granola Cups


Screenshot 2015-06-25 12.37.41

Ya, still working on the is a bit long? I'm munch'n on one right now, just to make sure they're blog worthy... I think they are!

[yumprint-recipe id='43']

Any of the nuts or dried fruit can be subbed!  Cherries or blueberries would be yum! And of course chocolate chips won't hurt anything.  I have posted a few granola bar recipes before, but I think this one is the new winner.  I love easy things like these to make and keep in the fridge for good healthy "real/clean food" snacks!  I don't know where the muffin cup idea came from?  But it's the perfect snack size and is less messy than regular bars.  It's kind of like homemade Cliff bars!  But way tastier!

I hope you enjoy too! Cj

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