BrannonPeep's House Salad

Here's a staple salad we make all the time! I know I've mentioned it before but thought I'd share the complete recipe :)It accompanies about any meat or main dish! Serve as a side or make it a meal by simply adding sliced Garlic Chicken! This is one of those salads you can totally eyeball, add a little more of things you like! Or make it even if you only have a majority of the ingredients. If I'm making this for a large group I totally eyeball it, just make sure you don't drown your lettuce, a little bit goes a long way! It's a great salad because even salad haters like this! The dressing is what makes it! So make sure you buy Briana's! 
[yumprint-recipe id='61']
Enjoy a recipe from my fam, CJ

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