Appa Love

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When Hud started talking his word for grandpa sounded like "appa" and it stuck. It then became my dad's official name. Ever since Hud was little he loved my dad so much. (Both my parents rock and are awesome grandparents) But there's this little "appa" connection the boys have with him. 
Maybe it's that he comes over and plays for hours on end. Maybe it's that he's patient, gentle and sweet...and gives them soda. Maybe it's that he's selfless, letting them pick and do anything they can think of to play and do, not just what's easy or little effort. Maybe its that he takes the time to be with them, right where they're at, getting down on their level. I'm sure it's a combination of all those things.  
The pic above is what many afternoons around here look like...the boys on the "high seas" a.k.a. the hammock.
I'm thankful for the great example of selfless parenting in both my parents They sacrificed so much for me when I was young and it's really cool to see them doing the same for my boys. Even just the sacrifice of time, spending time with and energy on them. They're something so special about family being near. I'm so thankful they are close. 
We don't often go more than a day or two without seeing each other, and I love that.
Enjoying the blessing of family.

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