3 in one Roast Chicken Dinner

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I posted  Ina's Roasted Chicken recipe a long time ago, and have heard feedback that it has been enjoyed and become a staple in a bunch of new peoples homes too. This chicken really does make about 2 full meals. The first night we do chicken and veggies with salad. The second I do enchiladas or chicken salad sandwiches, and the third night or meal I normally use the last bits for a soup. I adapted a little spin off, "take 3" recipe to it. This really easy carrot and sweet potato soup takes about no time, and is a great served with a yummy salad or piece of good bread. Here's the recipe! When roasting your Ina chicken, sub the 4 carrots and fennel and do: 6-8 large carrots cut peeled and quartered (long) 4-5 med. sweet potatoes quartered blue_potI also cook it covered in my Round French Oven (one of the best birthday gifts ever. I use this thing all the time!) and I think it makes it taste even better. If you don't have a cast iron pot no biggie, you can also use a roasting pan. (just ignore the cookie sheet, I cooked it on in the post I linked too :/ ) Enjoy your Chicken for dinner and then save the carrots, sweet potatoes and any onion to the side for your soup the next day. Any left over juices and stock make it pretty tasty too, feel free to reserve any to add to your broth :) The soup is this: take approx. 4 c. carrot, sweet potato, onion combo, 32.oz chicken broth and any extra "juices" or stock from the chicken (makes the flavor SO good) and combine in a sauce pan on the stove til nice and hot. puree in a food processor or Vitamix until smooth, and return to sauce pan. add salt and pepper to taste. so tasty and easy! enjoy. Cj

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