Mammas We Love: Robin Long

  • by Lauren Burchill
Mammas We Love: Robin Long

Hello CJLA Girls! We're so excited to share Robin Long's interview as part of our Mammas We Love Mother's Day series! Robin constantly inspires us with her beautiful posts and workouts and we hope you enjoy learning more about her story. Check out the full interview below!

CJLA: Tell us your story! How did your business get started?

ROBIN: I began teaching Pilates in traditional settings (gyms, studios, fitness centers, etc.), but quickly realized that my passion for helping women went far beyond 6 pack abs and sweaty gym workouts. Through working with my clients, I realized that women need more than just a workout if they want to reach their goals and truly make changes to their lifestyle that help them to be who they want to be.

In an effort to reach more women and show them that the old method of dieting & working out is NOT the answer to their problems, I started a blog. From there, I launched my first online program by propping up my iPhone in our spare bedroom and sending them out via email to clients who were ready for a new approach.

And now, 10 years later, The Balanced Life has become a leading online Pilates community that provides quick & effective online workouts, along with guidance, tools and support to help women find more balance on their path to health & wellness and truly be who they want to be. 















CJLA: We'd love to know a little bit more about your day-to-day routine. Can you tell us what a day in your shoes is like?

ROBIN: Right now? Or pre-pandemic? :) They aren't all that different since I work from home, but I currently have a lot less help.

In a typical season, I work 3 days per week from my "She-Shed" home office in our backyard. On those days, my 4 and 6 year old are in school and our wonderful nanny watches our 1-year-old twins inside our home.

In this season, my husband and I are sneaking in 1-2 hours of work before the kids wake up (or while they watch a show), we spend the morning dividing and conquering (one of us teaches home school while the other keeps the twins entertained), we use nap time for work and meetings, spend the evening together as a family and work again after bedtime if needed.

It's a little chaotic, but we are grateful that we are able to continue working from home and able to spend so much time together as a family. 















CJLA: What is one of the most important lessons that you've learned through your journey?

ROBIN: To embrace seasons and always keep in mind that they change. Over the past few years I've been through so many seasons as a mom -- from pregnancy, to postpartum, to nursing around the clock-- keeping in mind that seasons of parenting are actually quite short in these years with young children has been really helpful. I do my best to remind the mothers who work of the same thing and support them as needed in their various seasons.















CJLA: Tell us about your community! What women and support systems do you have in your life?

ROBIN: When the twins were born we intentionally stepped up our support system! We don't have family nearby so it was absolutely essential to invest in this area for the sake of our entire family (and business too). Our "home team" consists of our incredible nanny, Melissa, our house cleaner, Silvia, (best money I've ever spent!), and our assistant, Rani, who helps with both work and personal tasks for my husband and I. We also rely on friends and regular visits from family to keep us afloat. I can't forget to mention the entire TBL team that supports me and our incredible online community on a day to day basis! 















CJLA: Carly Jean Los Angeles is an amazing community of women. Why do you love being part of the CJLA community?

ROBIN: At The Balanced Life, we keep things realistic and practical for busy women, and I love that CJLA goes beyond clothes and helps women to create wardrobes that serve their lifestyle. I love the positivity, encouragement, and lifestyle inspiration. It feels like getting style tips and advice from friends that I can actually use - and I love that!















CJLA: What is your favorite CJLA outfit? What are your must-have capsule pieces?

ROBIN: Currently wearing my Sydney Midi Dress and Ventura Hat on repeat!

CJLA: For any readers who may be visiting your neck of the woods, what part of town do you live in and where are your favorite places to eat, explore and hangout? 

ROBIN: I live in Santa Barbara, California and it's the perfect spot for a beachy weekend getaway! Start your day with Dune Coffee Roasters, pick up lunch from Lucky Penny and stroll the Funk Zone for local wineries, adorable shops and great restaurants. End your day with pizza from Bettina (one of Carly's favorite spots too!) - best enjoyed while sitting on the wall at Butterfly Beach.

CJLA: What is your favorite part of being a mom?

ROBIN: As a mom to 4, ages 6 and under, my favorite thing about being a mom right now is watching their personalities develop. Seeing who they are, how the respond and watching them interact together as siblings brings me so much joy.

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