Eco-Friendly Capsule Pieces!

  • by Lauren Burchill
Eco-Friendly Capsule Pieces!

Hi CJLA Girls! Here at CJLA, we are constantly working to find new, innovative ways to improve. Whether it's adding a new feature to our website or creating new capsule resources for you to use when shopping, we love that there are always new and exciting things happening around CJLA. One new feature that we are incredibly thrilled to be sharing with you today is our new Eco-Friendly Pieces tab!

We care so deeply about our products and the impact that they have not only on your lives, but on our planet. We always do our best to provide the CJLA community with as many environmentally friendly options as possible. In an effort to make shopping for eco-friendly items a little easier we created our Eco-Friendly Pieces tab. In that tab you will find all of the pieces currently available on our site that meet the following eco-friendly standards:

  • items that are made from materials such as organic cotton or hemp
  • clothing that has been organically dyed
  • fabrics that use small amounts of water

As we continue to offer more eco-friendly products we will add them to the tab! Our hope is that this information helps you to feel even better about your decision to shop with CJLA. We are so grateful for your continued support and we're excited to keep making more improvements in the future! 

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