Weekly Meal Plan Ideas

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Weekly Meal Plan Ideas

We all know the feeling of what it's like to go into a week where every meal seems like a scramble for ideas and you either end up eating out every other meal, not being satisfied with what you quickly whipped up, or just skipping it altogether! Going into a week with a meal plan is one of the best ways to ensure that you are prepared with all of the ingredients for the week and you can relax knowing that food for the week is covered, which is one less thing to worry about amidst an already busy schedule! Having a plan also keeps ideas fresh and fun for the whole family, and what may seem like a daunting task will only take a few moments out of your weekend!  

This sample plan below will hopefully provide some inspiration and ideas to reference so that you can create a plan for yourself and your family if this is what seems to work best for you! Another tip is that I Instacart all of the items that I cannot find at Thorne Family Farm (my favorite local spot for fresh food in Malibu) or our local Farmer's Market! Makes grocery shopping EASY all while supporting local farmers! It is the best of both worlds! 

Here is what I came up with for this week ahead:


Monday: Sourdough toasted with scrambled eggs + avocado, seasoned with zatar, salt + pepper. 

Tuesday: Smoothie bowls with fresh berries and banana

Wednesday: Simple Mills pancakes with fresh bananas + cinnamon on top

Thursday: Berry banana smoothies with Vital Protein Vanilla powder 

Friday: Chocolate banana shake with Vital Protein Chocolate powder

Saturday: Avocado toast with a fried egg

Sunday: @brunchwithbabs overnight breakfast casserole 



lunch meal prep ideas

Make a few of these ahead in bulk and you are set for the week to grab and go! 

- Salad (try this recipe for Spring) 

- Protein boxes (your favorite cheese, hard-boiled egg, grapes, nuts +seeds, etc.) 

- Chicken + rice (Cooking with Lori has the best recipe!) 

- Steak + rice

- Leftovers from dinner portioned out for individual meals in to-go boxes. 



Monday: Leek + potato soup with bacon and cheese

Tuesday: Lori's Coconut Curry Meatballs with steamed rice and roasted veggies

Wednesday: Lori's Spaghetti + Meatballs with Italian chop salad

Thursday: Organic Wholefoods rotisserie chicken with crockpot baked potatoes + green salad

Friday: Grilled tri-tip with roasted veggies, rice, and salad

Saturday: Smoked BBQ ribs, coleslaw, and corn

Sunday: Grilled chicken thighs, rice, and grilled veggies





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