CJ's Small Shop Faves featuring The Cookie Crate

CJ's Small Shop Faves featuring The Cookie Crate


  • I have been a huge fan of the cookie create for a while now. Love their cookies and excited to see them partner with such a timeless clothing company!
  • These cookies are absolutely delicious! Don’t know how she makes them so good and ships them out to taste like they were baked that morning. Genius!
    Ashley Richmond
  • Thanks for sharing! I loved hearing about this small business and, of course, now I want to order some of those gorgeous cookies! Wishing them continued success!

    Angela F.
  • Love the cookie crate ❤️❤️

    Thanks for sharing your story about how it all began! Love it!! CJLA + the cookie crate is truly something special.

    Julia McGathy
  • Absolutely loved my free cookie from Emma! (Thisbeautycalledours) can’t wait to order my crate!
    Kayla Ellis

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