CJ's Small Shop Faves featuring The Cookie Crate



  • Posted on by Anna
    I have been a huge fan of the cookie create for a while now. Love their cookies and excited to see them partner with such a timeless clothing company!
  • Posted on by Ashley Richmond
    These cookies are absolutely delicious! Don’t know how she makes them so good and ships them out to taste like they were baked that morning. Genius!
  • Posted on by Angela F.

    Thanks for sharing! I loved hearing about this small business and, of course, now I want to order some of those gorgeous cookies! Wishing them continued success!

  • Posted on by Julia McGathy
    Love the cookie crate ❤️❤️

    Thanks for sharing your story about how it all began! Love it!! CJLA + the cookie crate is truly something special.

  • Posted on by Kayla Ellis
    Absolutely loved my free cookie from Emma! (Thisbeautycalledours) can’t wait to order my crate!

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