CJLA Girls Story: Jessica Ko

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CJLA Girls Story: Jessica Ko

Hey CJLA Girls! Today we have another special CJLA Girls Story to share with you. We chatted with Jessica Ko to learn more about her capsule, her go-to pieces and why she loves CJLA so much. To hear Jessica's story read the full interview below! If you'd like to share your CJLA Story, let us know! Send us a DM and we'll be happy to share more info about how you could be featured on our blog.

CJLA: Tell us about yourself!

JESSICA: Hello my fellow CJLAers! My name is Jessica and I reside in beautiful Southern California. I live with my husband-- a small business owner of 4 years-- and with my two toddler kiddos ages 2 and 3. I was surprised by my first baby after 3 months of marriage and then when my first was 6 months old, with my second. I was a teacher for 9 years and left the field when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Being a stay at home mom only lasted for 2 months as I was recruited by my church to be an Assistant Children's Director. I also love my oils & do the business portion on the side. Luckily, I get to work from home but find myself busier than I was when I was a teacher. However, I find it rewarding and love seeing the little kiddos.

CJLA: How did you discover CJLA?

JESSICA: I found CJLA through my lovely neighbor who always seemed to be excited for her CJLA packages. Made my first purchase over half a year ago and now I get that same giddiness when my CJLA packages arrive.

CJLA: Carly Jean Los Angeles is more than clothes, it's a community! Why do you love being a member of the CJLA community?

JESSICA: The CJLA community is filled with the sweetest gals. Everyone is so positive and helpful! I don't even know the ladies but I feel like I've known them for years. I've "met" so many wonderful ladies and really feel like they are my friends. Did I mention the ladies at CJLA are also the sweetest and so helpful! Feels like we are all best buddies talking about our favorite things. In addition, being a wife to a small business owner I love what CJLA stands for and the people who run it. So it's a win win!

CJLA: What are your three all-time favorite CJLA capsule pieces?

JESSICA: I only get to pick three? That's too hard!! If I MUST choose, I pick the Midi Dress, Carter Jeans, & Basic Tops. All of these are SUPER comfortable, beautiful and live in pieces!

CJLA: Why does the capsule concept work for you and your lifestyle?

JESSICA: The "capsule" concept works for me because 1) I like to be a minimalist, so I don't want a bunch of pieces in my closet that I can only wear for one occasion. Versatile pieces are my go to. 2) I need comfort, I used to wear a lot of business outfits for my work but they were just not great to move in and I didn't want to get them dirty because they were so expensive. 3) Even though I like comfort, I like to look stylish and pretty. SO, all to say that CJLA offers all of that for me. I can take one piece and wear it in so many ways in all different seasons, it's pretty and well thought out, affordable and comfortable for my chasing toddler needs!

CJLA: How has your CJLA capsule helped simplify your life?

JESSICA: I spend about 5-10 min to get ready. With my capsule wardrobe, it is grab and go. I like being fast and efficient so it doesn't matter what I pull from my closet, it's going to work, look put together, and be comfortable.

CJLA: What is your favorite CJLA capsule piece to style?

JESSICA:  I love styling any of the dresses. Maybe it's because they are so comfortable and a one piece done deal. Adding a kimono, jacket, t-shirt, blouse, etc. changes the look from casual to dressed up instantly.

CJLA: If you had to describe CJLA to a friend using only three words, what would they be?

JESSICA: Comfortable, affordable, & beautiful!

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