YUMMIEST Grain Free Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

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Earlier this week, a friend brought these AMAZING pumpkin muffins to a book club meet-up and I could have eaten every last one of them! The craziest part?! They were totally grain free, dairy free, any other allergy you can think of FREE. When I've been describing them to other people, I've started calling them Nothing Muffins, because, well, they have nothing in them that anyone would be allergic to! I couldn't believe have moist they were and these are going to be baking in my kitchen pretty frequently in the months ahead. Find the recipe below or over on Yummy Mummy Kitchen's blog
[caption id="attachment_4084" align="aligncenter" width="615"]Photo Credit: Yummy Mummy Kitchen Photo Credit: Yummy Mummy Kitchen[/caption] [yumprint-recipe id='75']

**Note: I think I like them a little better without the pumpkin seeds. I feel a little less like a squirrel nibbling away at them.**

 I know you will enjoy these SO much because I sure did! Happy baking!!


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