Summer Candles

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I am thrilled about these! We've got a new look, new logo, new bigger jar and new amazing wax. 
These are not your run of the mill candles that anyone can make or buy. I just wanted to make sure you knew these were special.  We're talking Voluspa and Votivo quality, for half the price.
CJ Home candles are made of a premium, high end soy wax blend (not your average candle supply wax!)
They are made with signature scents that are custom blended and special to us! 
The burn time on the jars if burned properly is 60 hours
 (now thats a good candle) =)
Our product is 100% hand poured, each detail of the candle is hand made. Our wax and wicks are lead free and clean burning. Jars are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, also our jars double as votive holders, vases or drinking glasses. 
The Jars retail at $22 ea. 
We ship anywhere in the U.S and are offering $5 flat rate shipping right now! Order at Carly Jean Los Angeles the online shop!
The Summer line consists of these 4 lovely scents, that remind me of 4 of some of my favorite cities here in Southern California!
Pasedena- Gardenia
This was one of my first scents when I started the line. We beat everyone else's gardenia (if I do say so myself) This scent is so classic and so clean, you'll instantly feel like you're in the blooming garden of some fab Pasedena house. Its floral, yet clean and fresh. Right now this burning in our bedroom.
Studio City- Grapefruit
Ahh. this candle was also in my original line and is just a classic for me too. It is a blend of Grapefruit and Vanilla, so it has a perfect combination of clean fresh citrus yet with warm vanilla notes. I'm burning this in the guest bathroom.
Ojai-Teak and Lavender 
Earthy yet floral, this candle is rich and relaxing. It is heavier and more complex than the others, this candle has the best blend of the earthy woodsy teak and the calm and clean lavender. If you enjoy the spa, this candle will transport you immediately there! It reminds me of one of my favorite local vacation spots, the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. Buy the candle, it's quite a but cheaper than the vacation! It's burning in my kitchen right now!
Santa Barbara- Red Currant 
This candle was introduced in my second line and has never gone away since. It has been one of my best sellers this year and really does give the Votivo version a run for its money. Its such a lovely scent and I've fount it to be a great gift scent, because it;s loved by most. This is burning in the den right now!
Also, each candle is tissue/fabric wrapped and tied, so it's basically girt wrapped for you!
I hope you'll enjoy them in your home as much as I do in mine!

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