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I had been hunting for quite a while to find a "sneaky" toy organizer, or in other words something not totally cheesy and ugly! I want toys in our house don't get me wrong, but I can't hang with the toys taking over the house or every room being consumed with kid stuff! I wanted the den to serve as a play room too, but wanted to be able to disguise the room to look more adult than kiddo. I was going for... Play room by day, Parents hang space by night

I was thrilled to find this bargain of a solution, EXPEDIT @ Ikea! We absolutely love it! The baskets are the PJÄS Basket, also from Ikea. They're super sturdy and fit a great amount of toys. They were more than I normally would want to spend for a basket and we had to buy 8 :/ but they fit perfect and looked the best! I added labels for the boys to keep them organized and sorted out, and overall they stick to them pretty well. On one side is the written word of the contents and the other is a little picture Also If we want to bring blocks or cars for example to another part of the house, the baskets allow us to take the toys anywhere!

If your'e looking for a toy solution, this thing is fab! Enjoying the toys off the floor and in their own place, Cj

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