Good Eats: The Harvest Bar

I was working out at a gym in Sherman Oaks, love that Class Pass, and after an insanely good H.I.T. work out, the instructor recommend a friend and I try this awesome place called The Harvest Bar.  We went there and we were sold! Every thing on the menu is super healthy and all of the blend-in options are fresh and green. Super well balanced treats that aren't packed with unnecessary sugar.  Real food, real nutrition, REALLY yummy guilts free snacks that you can definitely split with a friend. Thumbnail

 The Harvest Bar 15030 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

If you don't live local, or you enjoy making yummy dishes at home, here's a super simple recipe for a yummy Homemade Green Acai Bowl!

[yumprint-recipe id='71']

  Enjoy this healthy and delicious treat and you'll be hooked, I promise!


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