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With the holidays right around the corner and dinners and holiday party invites rolling in, we're sure that you'll be looking for the perfect gifts!! Whether it be a hostess gift or a package for a dear friend, CJLA carries amazing gifting goods like CJLA candles, hand picked soaps and lotions, and our favorite boxed tea! Need some gift inspiration for your upcoming events? We've got you covered! 

How to create a beautiful hostess gift:

Pick out some of your favorite CJLA Gifts like the Birch Candle and the delicious Charcoal Rosemary Hand Soap. Pair it with a darling box of matches and our favorite, yummy Herbal Wild Berry Tea. 

Package it in an open box for a fun, curated look and tie it off with a ribbon or twine. 

Create different levels by adding in small boxes to raise smaller items up higher or use crinkled paper.

There you have it! A perfect gift, wrapped and ready to go!!

 These items and all of the CJLA candles can only be purchased in person at CJLA Secret Shop Thursdays or at a CJLA Pop-Up so be sure to come join us! Email Lexa at for details and information! Enjoy your weekend, friends!


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