Favorite Chicken Dinner

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Most meals of ours are made at home. Not only because it's faster and healthier, but its a huge money saver! Roast chicken is a staple on my weekly menus, because it's fairly quick and I love that the leftovers make multiple meals.

I have a roast  chicken rule in my house...Never make just one! Any time I do chicken, I always do 2. Between the bones and the meat you can get at least 2 more meals out of it—and a great batch of broth!


This "Pappy's" Roast Chicken is the quickest in my arsenal of chicken recipes and since there's such little prep and so few ingredients it's the fastest too!


I normally toss a batch of veggies in about halfway through too, they're just washed, chopped and tossed in good oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and lightly sprinkled with herbs de provence!


For this dinner's salad I just combined greens, fresh strawberries, good blue cheese, and a simple dressing made up of a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and pink salt and fresh pepper. Easy and Delish!


Meals like this are total faves because we get dinner, plus a great homemade chicken broth and a few more meals out of the leftover chicken meat. For a really quick broth I toss all the leftover bones and juices into my largest crockpot, fill to top with filtered water and cook on low overnight. In the morning I just add some chopped left over roasted veggies or I quickly sauté a little mix of onion, celery, carrot, and squash and just toss the veggies along with some chopped chicken meat in a large pot for a delish next day lunch or dinner! 

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 Products Used:

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Hope you enjoy this recipe!


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