DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

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I'm sure you're thinking...messy! But I promise, It's not. This recipe rocks. It is such an easy, cheap and fun activity. I don't like the sound and the feeling of writing with chalk, so for me paint over chalk is always a good thing. A friend had this little activity for us to do while playing in her backyard at a playdate one time and it was a hit. The kids loved it and had so much fun. I know you'll enjoy it too! 
 "Inspired by a cool sidewalk paint kit we saw selling for $15, we came up with our own recipe using just a couple of common kitchen ingredients that cost about $1," says Danita Thomas. "This concoction comes in handy when the kids are a little restless and start asking, 'What can we do now?' They've used their homemade paints to design driveway murals, lay out roads for their bikes and toy cars, and even decorate the walkways for holidays."
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[yumprint-recipe id='37']Hope you enjoy!

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