DIY Recycled Crayons

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Wet weather = toddlers getting stir crazy stuck indoors...So how about gathering all left over crayon bits and creating different and exciting new shapes. Think moustaches, alphabet letters or numbers, hearts, anything available in baking tins. Heat makes a crayon a little loopy; it may melt into a swirl or pool into a whirl.You don't have to stick to just one colour - try different colour combinations like blue and white. They can also make great party favours!! We have a  million broken crayons around here and I'm constantly tossing them! I follow this super cute Australian blog, Chic Mother & Baby Blog {daily} | Dress, Decor and Design Inspiration for Baby, Mum and Women and found this ever so useful recycling idea for your old crayons! Its super easy, even little ones can help. [yumprint-recipe id='59']

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