Day Trip: Malibu

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 We've got your Malibu day covered: The beach and some sun of course (Zuma, Westward, Ralphs Beach, Trances...) Froyo or fresh juice at SunLife Organics,  crepes or a salad from Malibu Farm, Iced Tea or Coffee, or Meatloaf from Malibu Kitchen then walk across the street and eat it while the kids play at Malibu Country Mart playground and of course some good window shopping, or a walk around the bluffs or a game of football at Malibu Bluffs Park, a tour of the famous Adamson House for culture and some killer tile inspiration, Civic Center for an art festival, a drive though the neighborhoods for architecture and design inspiration, and on Sundays from 10a-3p you can hit up the Malibu Farmer's Market for the ultimate fresh organic local experience... And just in case you need something wonderful to wear, your going to want to order this little wardrobe. For the price of one sandal there, you can have this whole outfit from Carly Jean! All the links are below! 


| Left: "Blaire" Short-Sleeve Hoody White | Right: "Ellison" Stone Washed Striped Dress |


| Left: "Keily" Black Sunglasses | Right: "Riley" Leather Fringe Shoulder Bag | 

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| "Malibu" Candle |

And if you can't make it to Malibu this week, The "Malibu" candle will take you there! It's filled with teak, coconut, and lime. Earthy yet fresh and great citrus notes with subtle coconut in there for that perfect beach scent. Wonderfully fragrant, this candle has been our best seller this summer! 



 Products Used:

 | "Blaire" Short-Sleeve Hoody White | "Ellison" Stone Washed Striped Dress |

| "Keily" Black Sunglasses | "Riley" Leather Fringe Shoulder Bag | 

| "Malibu" Candle |



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