I love that social media is so connecting. There are so manny fun unique brands and finds, I would have never discovered without this fun network of creatives sharing their goods and work on insta and the world wide web! Here's a couple of my favorite finds that I own, products/places we love, and a few pieces on my wish list! Here's a little combo of baby, kid, and momma faves that I've been loving this month! 

 1. The "Sara" Blouse from my shop: Carly Jean. I may or may not have worn this a day or two in a row, but I'm absolutely LOVING this super versatile, yet bold, and fun top! I wear mine with black or white skinnies, or a fab "boyfriend" jean like these JoesJeans. It's the perfect momma top, comfy, long and easy to run around in, and you gotta love a nice busy pattern that will forgive a toddler's almond butter hands or light cooking mishap!



| Black | Navy | Red |

 2. Potato Feet Paci Clips...I'm a huge fan of this moccasin line in general. So if you haven't tried them, go do so now!  My hands down favorite mocs for Navy Mae are their Metallic Gold. They're durable and beautiful. They just launched these fabulous leather pacifier clips that I wish I would have had a long time ago! Love the simplicity and function, not to mention how cute and sleek they are. These make great gifts!


| Paci Clips |

 3. Johnnyswim, the husband and wife duo, have been my fave for the past year or so, and they are constantly coming out of our stereo. Their harmonies are out of this world and their lyrics are hopeful and real. Chad and I love that their love for the Lord and for each other is so evident in their music. Their words of  hope in times of trial or challenge, rejoicing in what the Lord had already conquered, and their sweet love songs of a great marriage, had us sold. We fell in love even more when we saw them live last Sunday night Troubadour! They blew our socks off with their amazing music and on top of that their fabulius humor and great personalities. We just purchased their new album Diamonds last month, and have the whole thing memorized...kids included :) 


| Tickets |

 4. Pons Avarcas, Oh my word I think Navy and I are both going to need these. The question now is just what colors to get!?  The black, tan, metallics, and leopard might need to be my new closet staples. But who am I kidding the red, teal, and green are fabulous too. I love how unique these are and love that they are hand crafted. I'd wear these with everything, and I know navy would dig them too! She's got quite an eye, and loves a good pair of shoes! These are going on her birthday wish list!... and mine too :)


| Women's | Toddlers |

 5. Trader Joe's Peonies...need I say more? Best price in town and the most beautiful colors and blooms. These were all over our Pop UP shops this month. Trader Joes is my go to for flowers. It's quick and convenient, and so often very comparable in price to buying wholesale! 


 6. My Favorite Tunic T is one of my new favorite things!  I wear all the colors, but the black is so used it's ridiculous! There is nothing it doesn't go with! And, its so comfy you can sleep in it. Great basics are hard to find. Especially basics that wash and wear well. I love Splendid, Theory and James Perse, but hate spending a small fortune, only to have it get pilled or misshapen after the first wash :/  These basics won't disappoint! And are such great quality I can't stop blabbing about them to everyone. I love that they are USA made and am so stoked to have them in my staple collection of basics in the shop. For $28 you can get your hands on one or a bunch of these fab pieces! Check out our shop for more colors!


Tunic T's:

| Black | Slate Grey | Grey | Blue | White |

 7. Goat Milk NYC I just discovered them and I'm head over heals for their products. I'd be fine with my kids wearing everything they make. Oh, and those stripe jammies were what first got me, I want them for all my kiddos, they're the softest organics basics around. So comfy and so neutral! Love their classic look! 


 8. Chad and I just discovered this wonderful little spot called UBATUBA by our house. We thought we were the only ones who knew about this place but, turns out there are a few around town and they're staring to pop up all over! It's a killer Brazilian spot that serves unreal acai bowls and empanadas! If you're looking for a delish lunch spot or cultural treat, go check it out!


 9. Since Tuck and Navy have birthdays 4 weeks apart, I've been on birthday brainstorm mode. One thing that is an easy decision when it come to parties and celebrations is Susie Cake's Confetti Cake.  Always a win! It's our family's hands down favorite vanilla cake and is a total hit every time we get it! Worth the splurge!


Happy Summer!





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