• Throwback: Favorite Online Website

     Ok, let me preface this saying there is nothing more thoughtful and sweet than a hand written note, card or invitation. Real paper is always the coolest and classiest, But I do have to say my new find paperless post is the coolest and classiest electronic stationary t that I have found so far! Beautiful, unique and SO affordable! This is Evite gone right!...
  • Throwback: Just Do It!

    Ok. I am going to be real honest tonight... I am a recovering queen of procrastination. I am the queen of putting off today, to only put more off tomorrow. The Lord has been been working on me for a while now but, over the past few weeks, I have been really convicted of a few areas of my life that have needed some...
  • Gladstones

    This past Saturday night my boys and I headed down to Gladstone's for dinner. It's located @ 17300 Pacific Coast Hwy. Pacific Palisades CA 90272. We love taking the 405 South and exiting Sunset, take Sunset Blvd. (rt) all the way down to the coast. You will dead end @ Gladstones. The drive is beautiful through all the cool neighborhoods. I know the menu...
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